What is bytebytebit.com

Bytebytebit.com is the back catalog of the writings of Jay Grid. Jay has periodically been a technology blogger and writer since starting writing in 2006 for the now defunct dtgeeks.com. He has occationally worked on various personal blog projects, most recently launching PrimitiveCrypto.com, a short lived endeavour into the more technical workings of cryptocurrencies.

As the projects that Jay writes on sometimes fail to find their niche, they are left derelict and eventually removed from the internet. Bytebytebit.com serves as the archive to this content for no other reason than to exist. For any liscensing inquiries or other questions contact jay at bytebytebitweb@gmail.com.


Archive of articles initially published on PrimitiveCrypto.com

Freelance Articles

Archive of freelance articles written in various places.